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DSX - Yellow socks in London

  • by Democratique Socks

Over the years we´ve been blessed with all the fans we have worldwide. From retailers to end consumers, from influencers to fashion editors and more. When you look back over the years we´ve met so many great people that made it worth doing this for 10 years.

In 2014 we hooked up with Jefferson from London that took yellow socks to another level. We´ve had yellow socks in our collection from day 1 and will continue that in the future. Yellow dress socks, yellow striped socks and yellow tube socks to name a few. Jefferson liked them all! We´ve tried to find Jefferson through his handle @schlboycouture but it seems like its closed down. Thanks for posting so nice pictures of the yellow Democratique Socks.

We have tons of yellow socks in stock - below you can see how yellow socks was used in 2014. It could have been today!


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