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We plant a tree for every product sold at

by Democratique Socks on

Following World Environment Day June 5th 2021 we started our next step towards a greener path at Democratique Socks. We´ve teamed up with tree-nation to plant a tree for every product sold at We...

Follow Democratique Socks on Instagram

by Democratique Socks on

Its really easy to follow Democratique Socks on Instagram. Just click HERE and get news, inspiration and more.

Plant a tree for free ...

by Democratique Socks on

Following World Environment Day 2021 yesterday we´re ready to tell you about our next step in the greener path at Democratique Socks. We have teamed up with tree-nation to plant a tree...

Photoshoot for AW21 and carryovers

by Democratique Socks on

This week we did a new photoshoot for Democratique Socks. Jakob from Crazy Color Film worked hard to get new content for SoMe but also videoclips and details...

How to make a sock - SOULLAND x Democratique Socks 2013

by Democratique Socks on

If you ever wondered how the Democratique Socks are made you can see this video from the SOULLAND x Democratique Socks collab form 2013.  The video is from...

DSX - Edwin Jeans x Democratique Socks Collab 2016-2022

by Democratique Socks on

As we´re moving towards our 10th anniversary in 2022 we´re looking back and we´re going to give you stories you have never heard or we have never told....

DSX - The Democratique Socks Colors

by Democratique Socks on

While we´re looking back at the first 10 years towards the 10th anniversary for Democratique Socks we want to give you an idea of how we operate. We´re...

Democratique Socks featured in ...

by Democratique Socks on

Over the years we have been fortunate to to get media coverage at some of the magazines and online magazines that we highly respect. We haven´t really made...

DSX - Asger Juel Larsen x Democratique Socks 2016/2017

by Democratique Socks on

For the SS16, AW16 and SS17 collection we were very fortunate to work with an all time good guy in the danish fashion business and very talented designer...

DSX - the labels were not always white

by Democratique Socks on

When we started out in 2012 the labels on Democratique Socks was matt black with white text. It worked really well for us but in 2016 - after...


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