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DSX - Music, socks and Democratique ...

  • by Democratique Socks

Its no secret that our love to music and style within musicians have been a big part of the creation of Democratique Socks. Besides the music we listen to in the office you´ll also find references to artists and musicians that are the trendsetters that creates the style of tomorrow.

Already from the beginning we have wanted to do a big palette of socks to the Democratique Socks selected retailers worldwide. We have been looking at trendsetters wearing black socks, blue socks, white socks, dress socks, chunky heavy knitted socks, polkadot socks and off course white tennis / tube socks. We have many references to the socks we produce and we find inspiration everywhere. If its the british cult band Talk Talk or hip hop pioneers Beastie Boys they both wear the white tube socks with style. They have both been on our wall and moodboard for almost a decade - you get the feeling that you need a pair of tennis socks if they can be worn so cool.

Some years ago it was a no go to wear white ribbed tennis socks but its our bestselling category right now. Actually it has been for years. We´ll always have white ribbed tennis socks in our collection weather its clean white tennis socks or with Democratique Socks logo, a palm tree (Like the Ykiki Cph collab), with stripes or with japanese letters like our collab with our friends at EDWIN JEANS.

Get your white tennis socks and wear them with pride with sneakers, loafers or whatever finds you well. Enjoy the Democratique Socks collection of white (or colored) tennis socks right here - we call them Athletique Classique. And did we mention that we have transformed our production to a more sustainable path so going forward all our socks will be organic cotton.



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98,92% of all Democratique Socks orders ships out the same day. All orders ships from Denmark.


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Danish design and high quality socks produced at one of the best factories in the world.