Press coverage – Democratique Socks

For more information about the brand, concept, quality or the crew behind Democratique Socks – please contact us at +45 71 996 196 or Below You´ll find images of the previous and current collections as well as all the press coverage over time.

Facts about Democratique Socks:

Est. in Copenhagen, Denmark in Sept. 2011 by Brand Director Jacob Christiansen.
First collection hits stores April 21st 2012.
The collections are UNISEX.
Stores covers Europe, USA and Japan. Total 9 countries.
Produced at one of the best factories in the World.
Highest quality in the segment at reasonable prices.
We have seen a huge gap in the market – and we´re closing it now.
Socks are now an independent product group with great potential.
We have been in the fashion business for more than 15 years.
In the office we have more than 150 years experience wearing socks.!/democratiquesox

July 18th. 2013

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The kind Maude Churchill has included us in the Weekly Outfit on Highsnobiety. Thanks a lot!!

July 1st. 2013

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Thanks to the good people at Modern Wearing.

June 6th. 2013

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On the brands to watch list at (capsule) from We Are The Market.

February 13th. 2013

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Thanks to the good man Dick at Bitchslap Magazine Copenhagen. Really appreciate it! Check it here:

February 6th. 2013

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We haved worked together with danish girls sneaker store Naked, about a small collection for our girl fans. If You dont know Naked, then its the best girls sneaker store in Denmark and maybe in Europe and …? If You count 9.500 Facebook fans and 9.200 Instagram followers, then You get a pretty good indication. The first part of our collaboration consists of 3 PolkaDot colorways and 1 of Naked´s iconic Leopard print. It will be in Naked next week and selected retailers the week after. This was mentioned on Highsnobette today – thanks a lot to the wonderfull people at Highsnobette.

January 18th. 2013

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As mentioned we have just got back from a succesfull (capsule) show in Berlin. Besides all the shops and potential distributors (from 17 countries) we talked to, we were also mentioned as new favorites by Highsnobiety from their (capsule) Berlin recap. Thanks a lot to Georgia Reeve for taking the time to talk to us. Much appreciated !!!! See all the pictures here:

January 11th. 2013

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The good people at SELECTISM gave us love today at Twitter, Facebook and on the website. Thanks a lot to Jeff!

January 10th. 2013

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We made it to Soundvenue as well. Thanks a lot to Sidsel.

January 10th. 2013

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Thanks again to The Meat!

January 10th. 2013

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Thanks a lot to James Oliver from Slamxhype for spreading the news about our SOULLAND collaboration. This is our first big international exposure. See the feature here:

January 7th. 2013

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Bitctslap Magazine is still free, but they work hard to offer the news of the street – also our Late Winter/Early Spring 13 Collection. Thanks a lot Mr. Bridge. See it all here:

January 5th. 2013

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Once again our friends at The Meat have found space for us and our Late Winter/Early Spring 13 Collection. Thanks a lot. See it all here:

January 1st. 2013


First day of the new year 2013 starts well – on the couch with the January 13 edition of danish magazine SOUNDVENUE. On page 101 Democratique Socks are mentioned along A.P.C., Carhartt, Our Legacy, Norse Projects, Acne and more. 2013 starts in good company for Democratique Socks. Happy New Year from Democratique Socks HQ (today on the couch).

November 23rd. 2012

Once again the nice girls at EUROWOMAN mentioned Democratique Socks in a feature online. It actually made our servers crash! See it here:

July 3rd. 2012

Democratique Socks is mentioned as a great example of how to interact with fans of the brand. Thanks a lot to Fashion Forum and Dorrit Bøilerehauge. Read more here (… in danish, but You can always use Google Translate):

June 4th. 2012

Our founder and Sock Democrat Jacob Christiansen had a Q&A session with EUROMAN. See it all HERE.

May 16th. 2012

The beautyfull girls at EUROWOMAN spreads love over Democratique Socks at Twitter and Instagram. Thanks a lot!!! See Twitter here:!/EurowomanDK/status/202708732575100928

May 11th. 2012

Here´s a Q&A with our founder Jacob Christiansen by the good people at EUROMAN. See the Q&A in danish HERE.

Apr 25th. 2012

Again nice words about our “Design Your Own Socks Project” from the good people of Polkadot in Italy. Thanks a lot to

Apr 22nd. 2012

A very nice feature on our “Design Your Own Socks Project” from from Århus, Denmark. Click here: Thanks a lot to Boombamblog for the support!!

Apr 14th. 2012

Love from The Meat in Denmark. We know nothing about that camo sock. Click here: Thanks a lot to The Meat for supporting us again!!

Mar 18th. 2012

Once again nice exposure from our good friends at The Meat. Click here: Thanks a lot to The Meat for supporting us!!

Mar 12th. 2012

Our good friends at The Meat have made a very nice lookbook for ss12. See our Democratique Socks together with a lot of other very nice brands. Click here: Thanks a lot to The Meat for supporting us!!

Feb 22nd. 2012

A very nice feature from the website Copenhagers. Thanks a lot!!! Check it out here:

Feb 19th. 2012

After only 23 days in business (at least after launch), we have got the best exposure in Berlingske Tidende – M/S section. On page 4 – just on top of Karl Lagerfeld – You can find us in the right low corner. Thanks a lot to M/S at Berlingske Tidende – the oldest existing newspaper in Denmark.

Feb 13th. 2012

Today the leading mens magazine in Denmark showed us some love, by telling about Democratique Socks on their website. Thanks a lot EUROMAN !!!

Check the article here:

Feb 13th, 2012

The danish blog Monarc mentioned us today – thanks a lot.

Check it here: