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DSX - Democratique Socks 10th Anniversary 2022

We’re moving towards our 10 years anniversary at Democratique Socks so the coming months we’ll browse through our Instagram account, the photo vault, old collaborations, brand ambassadors, the best customers in the world and more. It will be a homage to all we have worked with and helped us the past 10 years. SS22 will be our 10th anniversary collection. It will be fun ... #DSX

Further we´re bringing back #myfavoritedemocratiquesocks interview series.

Check the posts below:

#8 Democratique Underwear 2014.
#7 Girls socks 2014.
#6 Pointer Footwear x Democratique Socks 2014.
#5 Yellow socks in London 2014.
#4 Music and socks.
#3 Collaboration with YKIKI CPH SS13.
#2 First collaboration with SOULLAND 2013.
#1 First Instagram post October 2012.



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Danish design and high quality socks produced at one of the best factories in the world.