The Monochrome Collection – AW14 Capsule …

When we started up almost 2 years ago, many thought that Democratique Socks would be just another colorfull sock brand. Yes we used yellow, red and bright green. And yes we have had stripes and dots in the range – eventhough it has been standard for centuries. But – our idea was to close the gap in the industry and produce high quality socks at reasonable prices. Colorfull or not – just high quality socks and let our customers help us designing parts of the collection.

To make our statement 100% clear we have made The Monochrome Collection for AW14 – launch October 1st 2014. Its a range of our Originals and Relax socks in black and grey – monochrome! Now its hard to blame us for being just another colorfull sock brand. We´re still here, we have distribution in 17 countries, we have made collaborations with SOULLAND and POINTER FOOTWEAR, we´re sold in Galeries Lafayette, have been “must have” in MONOCLE and we have tons of followers on Instagram. We´re here to stay!

Thanks a lot for taking Your time to read about our new collection and Democratique Socks in general. And thanks for all the support!

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