Democratique Socks Late Winter/Early Spring 2013

As You probably know – if You follow us on Instagram or have checked our friends at The Meat – we´re launching a Late Winter/Early Spring 2013 Collection at capsule in Berlin on January 15-16. It will be a full cotton collection, that You can wear all arround – eventhough some styles are a little heavier. There will be a few new colors, but also our Original colors, that we have in a collections all year. The socks will be in stores on February 1st 2013.

See the new collection below – hope You like it!

All buyers, agents, distributors etc. are welcome to visit us at capsule:
January 15, 10-7 | January 16, 10-6
Postbahnhof, Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin
Please contacts us for an appointment.