HARVEST visits GALLERY KNUST X KUNZ – fashion meets art …

Once again we´re in good company! The creative minds of HARVEST in Münich, have made a pop-up store the coming days, with a lot of great brands – including Democratique Socks. HARVEST visits GALLERY KNUST X KUNZ – fashion meets art … We´re presented along brands like Acne, Folk, Our Legacy, A.P.C and S.N.S Herning. We´re at the black table, but there´s different tables everyday. If we had a chance to go to Münich, we would be there in a second. You should!

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“Philip Stolte combines Art and Fashion for a unique pre-Christmas happening

Munich, 11.12.12 – „Harvest at Galerie Knust x Kunz“ – Fashion meets Art!
A pop-up store presented by HARVEST, with daily-changing exhibitions by Munich´s finest;
Bureau Mirko Borsche, A Kind of Guise, Gomma and the Bar Charlie represented by Benjamin
Röder. This is all taking place in the contemporary art gallery Knust x Kunz. Philip Stolte owner
of Harvest, curated and put together the event which opens just in time for a bit of pre-
Christmas fun and festivities – from the 13.12 till 16.12
The Idea: 4 days, 4 different colours, 4 different themes, 4 different artists and 4 different gifttables
laden with hand picked objects from prominent brands such as Acne, Folk, Our Legacy
and A.P.C and S.N.S Herning.
Each day offers a newly laden table, with the gift ideas presented in the colour of the day –
black, blue, white and khaki. In accordance with the daily changing colour theme Harvest and
Folk in Collaboration with Charlie, have respectively produced a limited edition key-chain and
T-shirt (15 pieces). The heart of the exhibition are the silk-screen prints on show by A Kind of
Guise, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Harvest x Gomma and Bar Charlie. The prints are also available in
a small edition of A1 posters, first come first served!
Art and fashion are often perceived as not being compatible, however both are very effective
aesthetic mediums and are slowly becoming more and more interwined. The fashion theorist
Babara Vinken talks of a love affair between the two, „The connection between the two has
radically increased over the past years, the areas have become more permeable, this is highlighted
by their presence Biennales that have taken place recently and by various other examples:
such as artists like Sylvie Fleury, who has started working with clothes or Terence Koh who
actually produces fashion. Other artists are involved in collaboration with major fashion brands
and on the other side of the coin designers such as Martin Margiela, who produces fashion that
could just as well be featured in a museum. Fashion is no longer souly being presented using
traditional methods but also in a context that represents them as works of art – on the other
hand the art world has started using strategies normally used in the fashion world to present and
realise their objects/exhibitions.

With the growing role that fashion plays in our society and the hidden codes of identification
that it brings with it, clothes are slowly moving from being just „objects of use“, to works of art
and cultural objects.

Through the co-op with the gallery Knust x Kunz Philip Stolte (owner of Harvest, graphic
designer and multitalent in creating new collaboration as well as ideas and designs), has freed
fashion from its traditional role as simple articles of use and given them a platform where by
they can be perceived as individual objects of art.

The Gallery Knust x Kunz is renown for it work with contemporary artists from the second half
of the twentieth century. Sabine Kunz started her career working at Heiner Friedrich´s gallery
where she published various prints by Künstler Georg Baselitz, Dan Flavin, Blinky Palermo etc.
In 1982 she opened her own gallery in the Maximilian street in Munich and in September she
moved too the space she is currently in in the Ludwig street 7. To complement her gallery in the
Ludwig street and to give young artists, smaller exhibitions and individual projects an arena she
opened the space in the Theresienstr. 48, Knust x Kunz

Harvest visits Gallery Knust x Kunz
Theresienstr. 48
80333 München

13 .12.2012 – 16.12.2012
Pop up store Harvest 11:00 – 19:00
Daily Vernissage 19:00 – 21:00
Do 13.12.2012 – Presse Get-Together
Sa 15.12.2012 – Drinks by Bar Corso – Aftershow (Gomma) at Charlie – Schyrenstr. 8”