My Favorite Democratique Socks by Gordon Petersen, Hannover …

We´re happy to present the 4th “My Favorite Democratique Socks by …” post by Gordon Petersen, Hannover.

Gordon Petersen says:
“My first contact with Democratique Socks awesome socks might be 2 years ago, when I visited (capsule) Berlin as a salesman for high quality fashion photography. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Relax Twister back then and I fell in love instantly. Over the years I became more and more obsessed with these socks. The Relax Twister, the Relax MelangeContrast and lately the Monochromes are my favourite socks from Democratique Socks. They match with nearly everything.

Also their founder, Jacob, gets your attention quite easy as he is one of the coolest and tallest guys around in fashion industry. Since our first contact, we’ve worked together on some projects, for example the Pointer Footwear x Democratique Socks collaboration. Democratique Socks is the reason why I actually care about socks. Great quality, an eye for details and always on point to be dressed well! If you haven’t checked them out, you definitely missed a fuckin’ lot, mate.”

You can find one of the most welldressed men in Germany – and obsessed coffee lover – on Instagram right here: @gordoncoh. Find Gordon´s favorites here: