The different sock categories from Democratique Socks

The different sock categories from Democratique Socks

The Democratique Socks collections consists of 3 main categories: OriginalsRelax and Athletique.

Originals are the classic dress sock in many variations. From the plain solid color socks, polkadot socks, striped socks, 3-pack socks, pique socks, invisible socks, footies and more. Its the classic way of knitting socks in very high quality - but off course we use one of the best factories in the world.

Relax is the sock that differentiates Democratique Socks from others in the business. This is our heavier knitted socks where we mix up to 6 colors in a melange and with different textures. You can see styles like Relax Sailor Knit, Relax Bubble Line Knit, Relax Slub Knit and more. A warmer sock in the cold months but loose enough in the knit to wear all year.

Athletique Classique is our take on a classic tube sock / tennis sock. Full terry inside and a perfect fit. This is the style we have used in the collaboration with EDWIN JEANS.

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Info for originals:

- Pre-washed
- Handlinked toe
- Steamed and pressed for full comfort
- Traditional mid calf shaft
- 168 needle knitting
- Designed in Copenhagen / Denmark
- Produced at one of the best factories in the World

EN - Wash inside out - 75% Combed Cotton 23% Polyamide 2% Elastane 
DE - Auf Links waschen - 75% Gekämmte Baumwolle 23% Polyamid 2% Elastan
NL - Binnenstebuiten wassen - 75% Gekamd Katoen 23% Polyamide 2% Elasthaan
JP - 
裏返して洗う綿75% ナイロン23% ポリウレタン2%
IT - Lavare al rovescio - 75% Cotone Pettinato 23% Poliammide 2% Elastan
FR - Laver à l’envers - 75% Coton Peigné 23% Polyamide 2% Élasthane
ES -Lavar del revés - 75% Algodón Perchado 23% poliamida 2% Elastano

EUR               41 – 46           36 – 40
US MEN         8 – 12             4,5 – 7,5
US WOMEN    10 – 12,5         5,5 – 9,5
UK MEN         7,5 – 11,5        4 – 7
UK WOMEN   7 – 11             3,5 – 6,5
JAPAN           26 – 29,5         23 – 25,5