Design Your Own Socks

Design Your Own Socks

Thanks a lot for helping us design the coming collections. We appreciate it!!

Its very simple. You download our Design Your Own Socks template below, open it in Illustrator, design Your own socks, save it and email it back to us. See instructions when You open the template.

Every 2nd month we´ll post the best 12 designs to our VOTE section ( and the design with most votes will be put into production. Therefore, its up to You to promote it to all Your friends and make them vote for You. More about this later – stay tuned for info here: And yes – it requires Facebook to enter and vote. Now You know why its – DEMOCRATIQUE SOCKS.

If Your design makes it into production, we´ll make You famous and name the design after You. You´ll off course get some of Your own socks, when its ready for shipping.

Share this fun project with all Your friends and get started!!

Get Your template:
Go to VOTE section:
Like us at Facebook:

Lets have fun and thanks for helping out. Next deadline is May 1st 2014.

Have fun,
The Sock Democrats