Democratique Underwear …

We´ve got an extra leg! Next week we´ll start shipping Democratique Underwear to selected retailers all over the World. Below You can see more about our ideas and why. Buy Your boxer briefs, t-shirts and tanktops at

DEMOCRATIQUE UNDERWEAR was established in 2014, as a high quality NOOS brand, and is dedicated to deliver the highest quality in each product – fabric, manufacturer and more. The collection is distributed from Denmark and throughout the World. Our necessities program is based on the items, that everybody needs in their wardrobe, so new items could be added in the future. Most likely 4 times per year.

… and just so You know. DEMOCRATIQUE UNDERWEAR will keep the same highend quality as we have done with DEMOCRATIQUE SOCKS since 2011 – the best price/quality mix in the business of socks and now underwear.