Sneaker Banquet collab

In 2012 we collaborated with the goods guys from Sneaker Banquet in Copenhagen. About Sneaker Banquet: "Sneaker Banquet is for collectors and dealers with love for sneakers, no clothes or other side stuff. At our events we try to serve the hardest sneaker nerds hunger for rear heat, as well as good priced kicks for the commend people. We also strive to provide men and woman equal so there will be something for both genders."

Sneaker Banquet collab

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Democratique Socks x Sneaker Banquet Originals Sneaker Invisible 3-Pack Navy / Broken White Stripes

Democratique Socks x Sneaker Banquet...

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This is our Originals for the sneakerheads that love the invisible look. High quality combed cotton, using 168 needles as well as handlinked toe. Were adding new colors to this style every season, but some colors are NOOS items - Never Out Of Stock. Feature: Silicon dots in the heel to make the socks stay in place. Composition: 75% combed cotton, 23% polyamide and 2% elastane.