Democratique Socks - Collabs

Democratique Socks - Collabs


Democratique Socks was established in Copenhagen in 2011, by a team of highly experienced fashion professionals - in the business for more than 20 years and in the office there´s more than 150 years experience wearing socks. Democratique Socks found a huge gap in the market of high quality socks at reasonable prices - and the gap is closed now. 

The first collection dropped in April 2012 throughout Denmark, Europe and Japan and more markets have opened since. Buy the socks designed by Democratique Socks in Copenhagen Denmark.

Over the years we have collaborated with a lot great brands worldwide. The collabs have opened new markets and Democratique Socks are sold in more than 30 countries. Besides the collabs we have provided socks to the 2016 Han Kjøbenhavn fashion show in Copenhagen.

See the collabs below.

SOULLAND x Democratique Socks

Collab i 2013 og 2014 med de seje Soulland drenge. Lidt info om samarbejdet på Freshness Mag.

Soulland x Democratique Socks

Edwin Jeans x Democratique Socks

Et fortsættende samarbejde fra 2016-2019 om en capsule kollektion med det japanske denim brand EDWIN.

Asger Juel Larsen x Democratique Socks

I 2015 og 2016 var Democratique Socks en del af @asgerjuellarsen´s modeshows på Hotel D´Angletere
og i Kødbyen på Revolver. De første knæhøje sokker vi lavede med grafik, der passede til kollektionen,
hele udsmykningen og endda gulvtæpperne til modeshowet. Se video HER.

Mark McNairy x Democratique Socks

Got to work with the iconic ducks, dots, daisy and camo by Mark McNairy.

Garment Project x Democratique Socks

The collection was extended with an exclusive sock-selection, when teaming up with the danish footwear
company Garment Project. The small capsule consisted of five different colorways inspired by the SS15
footwear collection. The socks was sold worldwide.

Virgil Nicholas x Democratique Socks

Danish blogger Virgil Nicholas and danish designed socks made into a collaboration. This heavy knitted texture
sock offers same high quality knitting as all our Relax styles.

Sneaker Banquet x Democratique Socks

In 2012 we did the first Sneaker Banquet Collab with our old friends - see more at EUROMAN. In 2017 we did another
the invisible socks