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Democratique Socks Spring/Summer Boxes

by Democratique Socks on

We have made 2 prepacked Spring/Summer boxes for all Democratique Socks lovers. All organic cotton socks ... See the box 1 here and box 2 here.

DSX - Garment Project x Democratique Socks 2015

by Democratique Socks on

Our journey through the vault of photos, histories and collabs we´re finding more hidden gems towards the Democratique Socks 10th Anniversary in 2022. In 2015 we hooked up...

DSX - Mark McNairy x Democratique Socks AW15

by Democratique Socks on

Going through the Democratique Socks history book towards our 10th anniversary in 2022 we´re mowing towards the AW15 collection where we got a unique chance to work with...

DSX - Chunky heavy knitted socks AW12

by Democratique Socks on

On April 22nd 2012 we delivered the first socks to retailers worldwide and thats why we´re telling you the story about Democratique Socks. Maybe you´re new to Democratique...

DSX - Music, socks and Democratique ...

by Democratique Socks on

Its no secret our love to music and style within musicians have been a big part of the creation of Democratique Socks. Besides the music we listen to...

DSX - Collab YKIKI CPH X Democratique Socks SS13

by Democratique Socks on

As you probably know we have been involved with Ykiki Cph a few times over the years but in Spring 2013 we did the first collab with the...

DSX - first instagram post 2012

by Democratique Socks on

As you know we’re moving towards our 10 years anniversary at Democratique Socks and we’ll browse through our Instagram account, the photo vault, old collaborations, brand ambassadors, the best...

#myfavoritedemocratiquesocks by Daniel Steindorf from MBCY in Frankfurt

by Democratique Socks on

#myfavoritedemocratiquesocks mini interview series are building up to the Democratique Socks 10th anniversary in 2022. First up is Daniel Steindorf from @mbcystore ...DS: Where You spotted Democratique Socks the first time?                              MBCY:...

Athletique Classique Watermelon

by Democratique Socks on

Over the coming few weeks we´ll go through all the colors we have in our organic cotton collection. We´ll show the colors in different ways and the first...

Organic cotton socks

by Democratique Socks on

We´re moving towards a greener future and a sustainable path at Democratique Socks. All Democratique Socks have been OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified for years but we´re aiming for...


98,92% of all Democratique Socks orders ships out the same day. All orders ships from Denmark.


We´re using the highest security levels for all payments. Its safe for you to order.


Danish design and high quality socks produced at one of the best factories in the world.