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DSX - the labels were not always white

  • by Democratique Socks

When we started out in 2012 the labels on Democratique Socks was matt black with white text. It worked really well for us but in 2016 - after the lauch of Democratique Underwear - we decided to do things different.

The Democratique Underwear packaging was created by the talented Andreas Jarner and as he said: "If we´re doing a clean white packaging for the underwear then we need to add a detail". The detail was the embossed logo and its still looking amazing.

We couldnt leave the thought that we needed to combined the visuel identity for Democratique Socks and Democratique Underwear combined so we decided to change all labels from SS17 collection forward. Thats why you see white labels with embossed logo on the socks today. You can still find socks with black labels but then you know its from the vault and very limited.



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