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DSX - The Democratique Socks Colors

  • by Democratique Socks

While we´re looking back at the first 10 years towards the 10th anniversary for Democratique Socks we want to give you an idea of how we operate.

We´re often asked how we find inspiration to new colorways for the collections. Its really easy to answer as its all over. We find inspiration in the danish countryside like Tisvilde beach, tacos at the local in Kødbyen (or every taco shop we can find worldwide as colors are amazing), an album cover from New Order that looks like a trend forecast and sunsets at the beach house. This is just to mention a few.

Off course we´re also using "real" trend forecasts that gives us an idea how things and colors will look in 1-2 years. We love colors but in a subtle way as a homage to the danish design culture.

See the how we have made it easy to find colored socks at the website. You can find black socks, navy blue socks, grey socks, army green socks, yellow socks, red socks, pink socks, green socks, purple socks and more ... You can find all collections here.


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