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DSX - Democratique Socks Worldwide Distribution

  • by Democratique Socks

Going through the Democratique Socks history book towards our 10th anniversary in 2022 its fun to see how far we have been worldwide.

Already in 2012 we signed our first agency in UK. The most beautiful showroom located in Holborn at Lamb's Conduit St. One of the coolest areas and streets in London where Content Store opened up later on. London has always been a big inspiration us from Holborn to Shoreditch. We´ve always had a great representation in London with Number Six, Article London and Content Store as our oldest retailers. The image you see below is the sales agent in London on his bike to visit retailers in 2012.

The year after we signed a contract with a japanese distributor that opened up retailers like SHIPS and BEAMS. The first year in Japan we had more than 80 retailers.

We´ve always been fortunate to have great and loyal retailers that always have supported Democratique Socks. From the local indy stores to retail power houses like SHIPS and BEAMS in Japan to late Collette in Paris and Galeries Lafayette in Shanghai.

The representation has always been wide and we have sold Democratique Socks to retailers in 22 countries with agency or distribution in Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, UK, Sweden and off course Denmark. And Denmark is very special. Since day one Guru Agency and my good friend Martin Gaden has been taking good care of Democratique Socks and served the danish retailers well.


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98,92% of all Democratique Socks orders ships out the same day. All orders ships from Denmark.


We´re using the highest security levels for all payments. Its safe for you to order.


Danish design and high quality socks produced at one of the best factories in the world.