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DSX - Chunky heavy knitted socks AW12

  • by Democratique Socks

On April 22nd 2012 we delivered the first socks to retailers worldwide and thats why we´re telling you the story about Democratique Socks. Maybe you´re new to Democratique or maybe we havent been good enough telling you our story. Thats changing now as we´re building up to our anniversary collection for SS22.

Already after releasing the first collection in 2012 we wanted to do a little extra to separate ourselves from the other players in the sock business. At a meeting at our factory we showed them images and sketches from 50´s and 60´s oldschool tennis socks. Really heavy knitted and off white socks we wanted to bring back to life in a new version.

That was the birth of the Democratique Socks Relax collection. Heavy knitted chunky socks - solid color socks, striped socks, oldschool tennis socks and the pride and joy. The Democratique Socks Relax Supermelange socks. Since 2012 we have had melange socks in our collection. We have even used the melange socks in collabs with SOULLAND, Pointer Footwear, Virgil Nicholas (More about this collab later this year), EDWIN Jeans and more.

There will always be room for melange socks in high quality so make sure to explore the Democratique Socks Relax Supermelange socks. We have mixed tons of colors so we have melange socks in many variations. This is from our AW21 collection and the off white oldschool tennis socks are from AW12.

We have combonations of black socks, red socks, blue socks, white socks, green socks, grey socks and more.


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