About Democratique Socks

Denmark’s new UNISEX brand Democratique Socks, was launched on January 27th 2012. We saw a gap in the market for quality socks at affordable prices throughout the World – and we’re closing that gap now.

The socks are produced in Turkey at one of the best factories in the business of socks. The first collection is composed by Democratique Socks, but from the following collections coming every 2-3 months, the users will be involved – and the users are to determine parts of the collection through www.democratiquesocks.com/vote. That´s social design!!!

Prices are reasonable, the socks are UNISEX and comes in size 36-40 or 41-46. There will be 6-12 new styles every 2-3 months to follow seasonal colors / materials.

Democratique Socks will be in stores for the first time, by the middle of April 2012 – please help us write the rest of the story about Democratique Socks.

Facts about Democratique Socks:

– Est. in Copenhagen, Denmark in Sept. 2011.
– First collection hits stores April 15th 2012.
– Stores covers Europe and Japan.
– Produced at one of the best factories in the World.
– Highest quality in the segment at reasonable prices.
– We have seen a huge gap in the market – and we´re closing it now.
– Socks are now an independent product group with great potential.
– We have been in the fashion business since the mid 90´s.
– In the office we have more than 150 years experience of wearing socks.